Death of Deco

Have the days of glamour died? It seems so. Walking down the streets of Cincinnati surrounded by beautiful and ornate Art Deco architecture, I can't help to silently wonder why so many people are content to spend their day in a Bengals jersey and sweatpants, completely oblivious to the glamour that used to walk these streets. What happened to the days gone by of old Hollywood style, glittery gowns, fur stoles, pin curls and red, come hither lips? It saddens me that these days have passed, for I feel I am truly an old soul born in the wrong time period. I developed this blog as a tribute to the days of Art Deco, and as a means to step back in time and bring the days of glamour back.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deco in DC After a Five Year Hiatus

It's hard to believe that it's been five years since my last post. A five year hiatus, for what reason, I am unsure. What has remained through these five years is my deep love for Art Deco and a constant yearning to be surrounded by it. I am ready to return to this blog, to return to writing and posting about the glamorous time period that I should be living in.

Since my last post in 2010 where I wrote from Cincinnati, skip ahead five years to 2015, and you'll find me typing from the beautiful Washington, DC landscape that I now call home. There are a lot of great Art Deco locales amidst the historical federal buildings that I can't wait to write about. Check back often for my future posts about all things Deco in the DC area.

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